Extinguishers? Why Your Business Needs Them

Why does your business need fire extinguishers you may ask?

Fire extinguishers are a necessity in the workplace, one reason is that every business is required to be compliant with legislation. All employees and visitors to the building must have adequate means to protect themselves in the event of a fire. Fire safety in the workplace should be a top priority for any business owner.

Fire extinguishers are a first-aid response to help reduce loss of life and damage to property. A fire can start anywhere at any time and in any scenario, depending on the type of fire and its source you will need a specific type of extinguisher to tackle the job. Extinguisher types are specified by "class" classes are defined according to the fire risk at present. Take a look below to see which classes should be used for each type of fire risk.

Businesses should feature the correct fire extinguishers depending on the materials found. For example in offices, hospitals and manufacturing lines, Co2 extinguishers should be found because of the electrical risk present, whereas in businesses that have "Class A" risks for example wood, paper, plastics etc. foam, water and other extinguishers (Depending on many other factors) should be found.

Construction sites and warehousing are places that have many types of hazards which means they should feature many types of extinguishers to cover all types of fire sources. With scenarios like these extinguishers should always be in place for the types of fuel sources present, and should be reviewed depending on the hazards changing over time. To get a better understanding of what extinguishers are needed you will need a fire risk assessment for your business property to have an understanding of what hazards are present and what you require to be safe.

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